Academy of Osseointegration Master Certificate

Tiziano Testori — MD, DDS, MSc, FICD
Surgical Course

May 2023
May ‘23 to Sept ‘24
LCI - Como, IT

AO and Lake Como Institute:

The AO Master Certificate is one of the most prestigious training courses for the modern implantologist/periodontologist.

Created in collaboration with the Academy of Osseontegration, it gives you all the tools you need to manage the challenges and exploit the opportunities of the dental world.

With its practical and experiential focus, it aims to incentivise professionals to obtain advanced education, training and experience in implant dentistry, to promote high quality implant education globally and to improve patient care through highly qualified implant professionals.

The program awards AO Master’s certificates to candidates who meet the defined criteria.

A path of excellence built for...

All implantologists / periodontologists who want to improve their skills and have the opportunity to update themselves on all the best modern implantology techniques.

To recent graduates and young clinicians who want to learn the skills necessary to become successful implant clinicians.

Those who have chosen the mission of providing patients with the most advanced care and solutions even to complex cases. 

Ambitious implantologists / periodontologists who want to learn from top professionals such as Tiziano Testori, Marco Esposito, Marius Steigmann, Fabio Gorni, and all the lecturers of the AO Master who are part of the LCI Faculty.

Program highlights and overview:

The AO Master Certificate is one of the most prestigious training courses for the modern implantologist / periodontologist.

hours of continuing education
hours of hands-on surgical training
hours of AO online education
week #1
May 22-26, 2023

Pre-operative management - Interdisciplinary

The physiological basis of bone healing and osseointegration, the morphology of the areas to be treated, the technological principles of the materials used, and the risks associated with each treatment. The systematic collection of radiographic, anamnestic, and photographic data as a starting point for each implant-prosthetic treatment plan.

Basic Science and Fundamentals
Data Collection
role playing
round table
week #2
September 18-22, 2023

Pre-operative management and Basic Surgery

The basic clinical procedures, technologies to support daily practice, and the multidisciplinary approach to the treatment plan. Theoretical foundations and hands-on practice for the safe planning and management of each clinical case, from the simplest to the most complex.

Pre-Operative Management
Treatment planning
Basic Principles of Surgical Technique
Implant Placement
role playing
round table
live surgery
week #3
May 20-24, 2024

Surgery: Augmentation Techniques

The surgical field alone makes evident the pitfalls that a surgery can hide. Simulator models of the various clinical situations, collegial discussions of the treatment plan of real cases, followed by live surgery sessions of the various clinical difficulties that can be encountered in daily dental practice.

Hard tissue graft
Soft tissue graft
Pre- and post-operative pharmacological management
round table
week #4
September 16-20, 2024

Basis Prosthetic phases

Prosthetic finalization of the treatment plan: peri-implant soft tissue management, provisional and final prosthetic restorative techniques. material selection, pharmacological management of the patient. How to resolve any post-op complications allows an advantageous condition should one face the same issues for the first time in one’s dental practice.

Provisional implant preparation
Final Restorations
Post-operative phase
closing dinner

Why choose the AO Master Certificate?

Unique Mentors

You will have the unique opportunity to be mentored by some of the best world experts in implantology, such as Tiziano Testori.

Excellence CV

The Master’s program is structured to have theory, practice, and continuous discussion: a combination that is difficult to find in a single setting of such a high scientific level.

Great Opportunities

The Master will be more than just a training programme: you will live an overall experience of stimulation, learning and sharing.


The Lake Como Institute, situated in Italy in the beautiful frame of Lake Como, is the closest Authorized AO Training Center for all clinicians based in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and North America (NA).


Como — Italy.

A place that allows you to combine education with the experience of traveling in Italy.

Como is in fact an ideal destination and a strategic point to reach cities such as Milan, Venice, Florence or for a visit to the wonderful Alps, or even for a tour of some European cities.


The AO Master’s Timeline

Early Enrollment Deadline

31th January 2023

Standard Enrollment Deadline

April 2023

AO Master’s Start

May 2023

AO Master’s Conclusion

September 2024

AO Master’s Key Facts


May 22-26, 2023
September 18-22, 2023
May 20-24, 2024
September 16-20, 2024


Lake Como Institute
Via Rubini, 22 – 22100 Como, Italy

travel and accomodation

Esquire Viaggi
Milano | Italy –
Ms. Regina Citron
Phone +39 02 48008223

FEE and registration

€ 26.000,00
Standard Enrolment Deadline: April 2023
5% discount on Early Enrolment Deadline until January 31, 2023

Payment Instalment policy:

  • 20% enrollment deposit
  • 4 installments 20% before each week of the course.

Phone: +39 031 275 9092
WhatsApp: +39 324 871 4498

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